Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Proper wedding invitation wording for reaffirmation of vows

While wedding anniversaries are observed every year, major
celebrations in which there are receptions, are usually reserved for
25th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries. Usually silver ink is used for the
25th, Red for 40th and gold for 50th.

The invitations are usually
extended by the couple’s children and their spouses, but might be
hosted by friends, other relatives or even by themselves. The year
being celebrated is usually shown at the top. Usually a note either in
the lower right hand corner or as a separate card states “No gifts
please,” or “Your presence is the only gift we request.”

A different situation may be the planning of a church ceremony when you have already been married in a civil ceremony. This is how you would word such an invitation: You would mention your married names (Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Andrew
Sampson) request the honour of your presence…”to solemnize our
marriage.” (To solemnize means to make right before God.)

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