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Wedding Guests Give Marriage Advice

Your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime of new experiences with your spouse, from joyous occasions to heart-wrenching trials. While each couple has to figure out the best way for them to work through the confusing times in their relationship, why go into your marriage empty-handed?

One couple in Tuscon, Arizona, decided to get their marriage advice from some very trusted sources. They set up a table at their wedding reception with a large glass jar, some notecards, and pens. Every wedding guest then had the opportunity to write down words of wisdom for the happy couple for the long road ahead.

This marriage advice table is a fantastic idea, one that I would like to see at a lot more weddings. Depending on the number of wedding guests at your wedding, you can have hundreds of years’ worth of relationship and marriage experience available at your fingertips. Even if some of your guests have faced difficulties in their marriages, they can always tell you what did not work for them.

I would also imagine that you would receive some conflicting advice, as people deal with similar situations in vastly different ways. This can remind you that even the best advice should be taken with a grain of salt, as it may not work for you.

If you decide to include a marriage advice table at your wedding reception, have a lot of fun with it. Decorate the jar with some pretty ribbon, and have beautiful note cards that will last a long time. Collect these cards at the end of the day, and keep them in a special place. Either your wedding album or a scrapbook are ideal places, so you can look over the advice easily in the future.

Are any of you incorporating a marriage advice table at your wedding? Tell us all about it, from what inspired you to how you are going to use the advice in the future.

Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2008 at 10:39 am In Wedding Planning